Under the Merkle Trees

Insights on the Relentless Pursuit of Patterns in the World Around Me


Trading Bitcoins for Fun and Profit using Log Corrrelation

  • Recoginition of deviant patterns across cyrpto-coin exhanges lead me to explore an automated arbitrage 'observation' system
  • Data2Log, Let's get the exchange ticker data written to log files Quick and easy in Python, nice. (3/2014)
  • From there we feed to data into an engine for processing. Let's use LogRhythm's Advanced correlation Engine (AIE) and see what we can do (3/2014)
  • Develope the logic -- Volume, Price, the spread, bitcoin news goes in exchange API buy/$ell orders come out. You dig? (4/2014)
  • Add Address of Interest monitoring: Set off my phones Alarm, taze me, (respond Y) when (trigger X) Satoshi's coins move (6/2014->)

Adventurs in Large Scale HTTP Header Abuse

And You Will Know us by the Trail of Our Logs: Malware Reserach and Analysis Using Log Data

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