Under the Merkle Trees

Insights on the Relentless Pursuit of Patterns in the World Around Me


My name is Zachary Wolff and this is my current home on the interwebs.

I like to do reserach and have primarly been focused on hacking and information security for past six years. You can find more information about that here.

Recently, I've become facinated by the idea of distributed p2p public crypto ledgers as brought to our attention by Satoshi and Bitcoin developers. At this point, I believe that we are going to see fundamental shifts on how the Internet functions based on these concepts. For more information on that have a look over here.

I also love music and reading so you will see evidence of my adventures on those topics as well.

If you enjoy keeping up with my thoughts, ideas, and research you can find me here too:

The adventure is alive and well my friends, this I can say with absolute certainty.

--Zachary Wolff