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Devotchka: Live With The Colorado Symphony

I wasn't sure if I was going to pick up this album or not when it came out. Having seen Devotchka with the Colorado Symphony a couple times at Red Rocks (one of my favorite first dates of all time) I wasn't sure how often I would want to listen this album. I loved the shows I just wasn't sure if I would end up listening to a live album much. Then something happened.

I had recently started taking my daughter to ballet performances when I noticed that the Colorado Ballet had lined up a performance choreographed to the music of Devotchka and the Colorado Symphony. This seemed like a great fit for someone like me who both loves Devotchka and is also working on an appreciation for ballet. Both my daughter and I loved the show and upon seeing this album at Barts I was compelled to pick it up.

There were a few tracks that played during ballet that really stood out to me. It was more of an ambient electronic sound than I had heard out of Devotchka before and I really liked it. In buying this album I was hoping that I would get a couple of those tracks in the mix but given the live performance I had my doubts. As it turns out, those tracks are not on the album but I am still quite happy with the purchase.

Devotcka's ability to grow into a different style as displayed with the Colorado Symphony is true indication of just how great these musicians are. It leaves me excited at the prospect of future Devotchka releases which is about all I could ask for.

Also, as a side note, the mouth of this double LP is almost an 1/8 of inch wide. This makes getting back into the case so much easier. I love this and wish more records were made this way.



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