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Growing Pains in the Pursuit of Privacy: My Heartbleeds for You

What does it feel like to have your privcy violated?

This weeks #heartbleed vunerability is an eye opening glimpse into a world where most of the SSL security as we knew it for almost two years didn't exist, where converstations that many thought were private may actually have been fully accessable to unknown parties.

So, I guess that's what it feels like! Or does it though? I don't think that we have reached a critical mass on heartbleed at this point and I'm curious to see how it plays out.

It makes me feel sick to my stomach to think about it, that is for sure. It also seems as though there are a lot of questions that haven't been asked yet, answers to those questions may be even further out.

When you share private thoughts and feelings with someone and they violate your trust and bring other people into your private world it doesn't feel good. Why is that?

I believe it to be exaclty the same reason that individuals seek (and deserve) privacy when they are communicating or interacting with the internet.

Privay is key part of building relationships with trust and intimacy. We don't want to shop online with out Trust. Not everyone feels comfortable expressing intimicy when they don't feel Trust.

One strange thing about the heartbleed vuln is that while it's sickening to speculate(or read) about who had the bug when, and open the privacy debate, you can also consider the strange and beautiful idea that no one knew about it the whole time, or even, that a robin hood hacker of sorts may have been taking 'notes' this whole time. I like this premise better, but it sure would become tricky fast. Invisibility seems necessary. #obeyGhost

Yah. Over the course of the internet there have been only a handful bugs of this scale and proportion that I am aware of. To say that they are important is an understatment. They mean something. Stories about Dan Kaminsky and -=Max Vision=- emerge.

What would it be like to have the keys to the castle, but not be a spy agency or be aligned with those kinds of motives at all? Part Murakami, part Snowden.

While growing portions of internet users are personally being connected to issues around the intenet and privacy, interestingly, others are falling in love with ideas around distrubuted p2p public crypto ledgers.

I'm going to try and not say the B word right now but that would be the MicroTruth of the hour. Looking for Love in the face of pain will bring you good things. Trust that, no BS!


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